10 Things I am Doing During Quarantine

Hello Adventurer! I started this blog with the intention of sharing all my adventures; hiking, biking, camping, traveling stand by, etc. but as we have all heard we have to limit our traveling + socializing and stay home. For good reason too! My boyfriend is a pilot and is still working during this time so our exposure risk is slightly elevated. We are taking extra precautions to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe and healthy.

So with that, I don't have much travel or adventure content to share besides older things that I have done that I haven't blogged just yet. For example, when my sister and her boyfriend visited right at the beginning of March we went to the Houston Rodeo and the Houston Aquarium both of which I plan on making posts for soon!

For now here are 10 things I am doing during this time that I thought I would share and maybe some of y'all can get some inspiration!

1. Reading

Currently, I am reading the Harry Potter Series. I don't know why my younger self never finished this but I am so happy I get to experience the books and discover the magic again of this amazing series.

Other books on my reading list:

  • Devil in the White City, Erik Larson

  • Bethlehem, Karen Kelly

  • Unbroken, Laura Hillenbrand

  • The Spy and the Traitor, Ben Macintyre

2. Playing Animal Crossings

This GAME, ughh it is seriously so relaxing and calming. It has really helped my mental health. I used to have this game for the Wii and in high school, I would play this all the time just to relax. It is super cute, you play as a person on a deserted island with a cast of cute animals. You can build and decorate your own house, fish, catch bugs, plant trees, and basically plan out your town. This game is for the switch and it just came out I was lucky enough to have my parents get it for me. BOnus if your friends have a switch you can all play together and visit each other's islands: perfect for social distancing!!

3. Learning After Effects/ Editing Techniques

I am a video editor as my main job, which I am luckily still able to do because my company is amazing and if you want a great place to watch/do yoga from home Yoga International is the place to go! (shameless plug, but also I've seen other yoga sites and ours is by far the most diverse, all level friendly with consistently great teachers. ) Along with editing yoga videos, promos, and social media pieces, my own vlogs and videos, I get to take some time to learn a new skill that will help me in the long run. I have been using a combination of lynda.com and Youtube to find tutorials on after effects, premiere, and photoshop. Now is a great time to learn a new skill the internet is a huge resource for a lot of free or discounted things right now.

4. Brewing my own Kombucha

I have wanted to brew my own kombucha ever since I started really drinking it. I love baking and crafting my own things so when I found out you could easily make your own kombucha I was all over that. I bought myself a kit from The Kombucha Shop. it comes with everything you need, a gallon jug, tea blend, sugar, pH test strip, thermometer sticker, and a SCOBY. I am planning on making a post on my brewing so stay tuned for that but I made my first batch and am very pleased with how it turned out their easy to use kit was perfect.

5. Working on Blog posts

Hey, that's what I am doing now! haha, this time has really fueled my creativity and given me a reason to really sit down and grow this blog. I am so glad I started this back in January because it gives me just another creative outlet to explore and grow with :)

6. Baking

When I was in High school I, like many kids I am sure, had no clue what I wanted to do with my life I loved being creative and also had a knack for chemistry (I started college as a Chem major that changed quickly)

Anyways my high school offered vocational school as a half-day alternative I did this for half a semester as I found out I would be behind in science if I continued on with the vocational school long story I went for culinary and really found my love for baking. I still love baking to this day it kind of combines my passions for science and cooking (you have to be very precise when baking). I bake for basically every holiday and families' birthdays and on those rainy days when you just need something to do. So far since I moved here I have baked red velvet cinnamon rolls, Irish soda bread, and blueberry-lemon muffins.

7. Going on lots of walks with Scout

This is the time to be outdoors! We can still get out of our houses and get some fresh air, even if it's just down the block and back. Fresh air and some sunshine can do the mind + body wonders. I take my dog on a walk every day as we live in an apartment and she loves to run around. We take her to the pond that is on the apartment complex property, the walking trails (greenbelt trails) that run all through our area of Kingwood. We are outdoorsy people and once this is over I can't wait to get back to camping and hiking on some really cool trails in Texas. For now, I'll take the walks with my pup.

9. Biking/Working out From Home

I got a hybrid trail bike for my birthday which has been so much fun to take on the paved trails around Kingwood (the greenbelt trails ) and for taking on some light mountain biking trails. Will is very into mountain biking and has been teaching me how to go on the trails we have found some easy flow-y trails called cypress creek trails. I have also been working out with HIIT workouts from Mik Zazon's HIIT 30 Reboot. She has designed the plan so well and makes the workouts so much fun and super easy to follow along, I highly recommend if you are looking for a 30-minute fun and sweat-inducing workout and it's only $10! (not sponsored or anything I just genuinely love her stuff).

10. Talking/Facetiming with my Family

I talk to my family pretty much everyday it helps them and me being so far away. My sister is home because her college is online and she was able to go straight home after her spring break. So I am the only one not there but it's ok I get to be with my love and my dog in Texas and we Facetime each other for movie dates and playing animal crossings together. I miss them but it is nice that we live in a world where I can video chat with them and see their faces every day.

And that's it! I also love seeing the sunset and sunrise when the weather is nice, sitting out in the Texas sunshine and feeling the warmth of spring. Making breakfast and having that morning coffee with some jazz music playing and a candle burning. It really is the little things we take for granted sometimes and I so grateful for all the things I have right now. Somedays I am sad and have no desire to do anything and others I am hyper-motivated and want to tackle the day. It's ok to have both and really just take one day at a time. I hope you enjoyed this let me know what you are doing during this time!

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With Love, Amanda

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