It's National Bird Day, and the best way to spend it is looking up at the sky at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Kempton, PA.

There are SOOO many hiking trails in PA, I've lived here most of my life and still haven't hiked even half of them. That being said one of the cooler trails I hiked was Hawk Mountain and since it is National Bird day what a great way to share my hike and bird watching adventure.

Will and I showed up to the mountain a little later in the day, we also had to stop and measure our wingspans: I am a hawk (badass I know haha) and Will was between a Vulture and Bald Eagle (hence why he reaches for the top of the shelf things my wee little arms just can't). So with our little delay, we decided to walk one of the shorter trails (The Lookout Trail). It is one of the easier trails to hike and gets you to the north lookout the quickest with express routes along the way. The Sanctuary also offers an accessible trail that leads to the South lookout, which is perfect for anyone who wants to go and enjoy the splendor of the birds.

Finally, for those that are looking for full-day hikes, there are two trails: the River of Rocks Trail and Skyline Trail. However, BE CAUTIOUS, the Skyline trail is recommended to experienced hikers, this trail has a 30-Foot Vertical Descent and a 4-point rock scrambling. *Hopefully I can go back sometime in the summer to experience this trail and report back.* As I said we took the quick hike to the north lookout and sat out on the rocks, ate a late lunch and snapped some great pics of all the birds:

I know the title of this post is Flock of Hawks at Hawk Mountain, buuuut there were not that many hawks that evening. What we did get to see was a lot of turkey vultures (last pic) not the most pleasant looking birds, a flock of Robins (2nd pic), some ravens, and Bald Eagles!! I wish I had a better lens to shoot these birds, or if they just flew a little lower but it is what it is I am so pleased with what I did get. as the sun went down and the cold started to creep in on us we left down the trail and got some last pics of the sunset (my fave)

So if you're looking for a great day of hiking, birdwatching, and vistas in Pa go visit Hawk Mountain.

BONUS: try and go when its migratory season: Spring + Autumn

Standby for more outdoor + hiking adventures!

with love, Amanda

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