Photo Editing Tips For Beginners!

I love taking photos if you couldn't tell already haha. I have been taking photos since I could get my hands on a camera. I took classes in Highschool and College. I even changed my degree to videography, which is a little different but has the same storytelling principles. Anyways I wanted to share my skills and knowledge with you all. Whether you are just starting out or want to enhance your skills this blog will hopefully show you how to edit your travel or any photos to the next level and get you all the likes on Instagram haha!

1. Shoot RAW

If you are shooting on a DSLR then there are so many advantages to shooting in RAW format. Keep in mind though if you are shooting in RAW then your photos will need some kind of post-processing. When you shoot in this format you have the ability to really play with your photo. Most importantly I think is sometimes saving a photo from under or overexposure. This format really opens the dynamic range of photos and in my opinion giving you that incentive to be really creative with your editing. Now if you arPhotoe shooting with your cellphone camera I would still recommend taking it into editing software and applying the following tips.

RAW Image

Edited Image

2. Take LOTS of Photos

This will help in the editing process believe me. For the most part, we are shooting with digital cameras, whether that be on our phones or with a DSLR, free up space, get a bigger memory card and shoot away. When you are traveling you have a limited time so take as many shots as possible. This way when you get back to editing them you have the variety to pick and choose. If you had only shot one or two photos and then went back and looked at them and they weren't what you wanted then chances are you can't go back and try again. I always take a bunch of photos especially if I am the one in the shot and I would advise you do the same if you are looking for that perfect travel pic. I am guilty of taking one photo and hating the way it comes out but if you take a bunch and move around, try different poses or angles (if you aren't shooting a portrait) then you are bound to love one of them. So get clicking!!


Especially for travel photos. We find places we want to go and take photos at or of and we find inspiration online etc. but once we get there and take the shot of the same exact thing we saw online we are limiting ourselves. Yes, get the typical shot everyone else is getting but then as I said above to take a bunch of shots shoot at different angles, shoot through things like leaves or fences. Move around find a spot that doesn't have that many tourists (changing the time you go to a place if available can help the number of people in the background. Being patient is another good tip when shooting famous landmarks you can usually find a good window when there are fewer people in the shot). Get super close to something and shoot the details then get shots of the whole scene. Think outside of the box, you will thank me later when you have a variety of things to edit as well as cool and unique photos to show off!