Where to go Thrifting In Northeast Pennsylvania

Hello Adventurer! Welcome to my new journey; to find the best thrift shops in the Northeast and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania.

I love thrifting and antiquing. I have always loved pieces and trinkets that had some history, that had a story, that was a "conversation piece." Take my grandmother's ring I wear all the time. It invites a story and it's unique. I would always jump at the mention of a flea market or antique store. It's the thrill of a hunt for that next unique and story-telling piece. Call me a romantic but I love history and I love thrifting.

When I was in college I wanted to decorate my apartment with cute things as does everyone. But I was a broke student that put drunk pizza as a spending priority above a cute coffee table book or cool tapestry to hang on the wall. So I went to the local goodwill and scrounged the aisles for some cheap decor. Now that I am far past my college days, yay adulting, and now trying to furnish and decorate my new apartment I have come back to the thrill of thrifting and antiquing.

It seems so have many others, TikTok is obviously a huge social media now and one of the #thirfttok has taken my heart. I love seeing other people going out and thrifting whether that be for decor, reselling, or finding their own unique wardrobe. Thrifting is not only a great thing for your wallet it is a great way to be a little greener. To name a few things that thrifting helps:

  1. Less clothing, furniture, and other items in landfills

  2. Fewer resources used and wasted when making the clothing, furniture, toys, etc.

  3. Less pollution preserves water, reduces carbon footprint

  4. A lot of thrift stores aid charities

So now that I have explained my love of thrifting, the growing love of thrifting in general, and some reasons why thrifting is a greener way to shop let's get into the area's that I am going to share and the criteria I am going to have to rate each thrift shop.


Delaware Water Gap/New Jersey

Salvation Army - East Stroudsburg, PA

Denovo Clothing Exchange - Stroudsburg, PA

Miracles Happen Thrift Shoppe - Stroudsburg, PA

ECHO Thrift - Stroudsburg, PA

Nifty 'N Thrifty - Bangor, PA

Me to You Consignment - Hackettstown, NJ

Comfy Komodo - Blairstown, NJ

2nd Ave Thrift - Union, NJ

Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton (ABE)

Divine Resale - Allentown, PA

Goodwill - Allentown, PA

American Family Services - Easton, PA

Salvage Goods - Easton, PA

My Sister's Closet- Bethlehem, PA

Designer Consigner - Bethlehem, PA

The Attic - Bethlehem, PA

Scranton/Dickson City

Goodwill - Scranton, PA

Changes Luxury Consignment - Scranton, PA

Upstairs Thrift - Waverly, PA

Goodwill - Dickson City, PA

Plato's Closet - Dickson City, PA

My Sister's Closet - Luzerne, PA

Criteria (out of 5)


Organization of Clothes

Variety of Sizes

Quality of items

Bonuses/Sales/Deals (if any)

I am super excited to start this new project! Even if it is just an excuse to go shopping more!! Check back for an update soon!

happy thrifting,



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