Budget-Friendly Things To Do In Texas: Mercer Botanic Gardens

Hello! It's been a while I know, but with moving down here, getting settled, etc. I had to find my inspiration again and really have the urge to write. I started this blog as a way of exploring something that was new to me and I wanted it to be reliever of stress not something that would create more stress. So with that being said, this past week has been super stressful with the COVID-19 outbreak, self quarantine, social distancing, etc. I am sitting down and writing about something I love- NATURE. Added Bonus it's the first day of Spring! So I hope with all the craziness going on in the world this will be a nice change of pace to read about an awesome and FREE place to visit; The Mercer Botanic Gardens.

Just before all the self-quarantining started my sister and her boyfriend Jonathan were able to come visit Will + I during their spring break. I hadn't planned what to do exactly for the time they were here, but one afternoon it was gloomy but still warm so we decided to get out of the apartment.

As we all love being outdoors and hiking, check out my hiking vlog with them here, so I figured I could find a nice trail to walk that was close to the apartment. I was using my Alltrails app, which if you do not have and love hiking, biking, walking outdoors I would HIGHLY recommend. I use that app for pretty much every hike that I go on it shows you all the trails in your surrounding area, you can also search for specific trails/areas. It gives you all the information about the trails and a lot of times user feedback, photos of the trail. I could go on for hours about this app but back to the gardens.

There wasn't anything that was super eye catching close to the apartment but then I found the arboretum and looked it up and saw that it was FREE! I mean who would pass on a free walk through a botanic garden. So we got ready and drove 20 minutes from my apartment to the garden.

The Mercer Arboretum is 14.5 acre garden, that was purchased in the late 1940s by Thelma and Charles Mercer. Thelma started it as a an avid horticulturist and kept the plants going up until they had to retire in the mid-70s. Reluctant about giving up her beautiful garden to just be developed later on, the Mercers persuaded Harris County to purchase the land with the intent for it to grow and be maintained as a educational + horticultural facility for the public to enjoy.

Since the 1980s through donations and land purchases made by the county Mercer has grown to over 400 acres! We took our time strolling through the park and looking at all the flowers that were already in full bloom.

The Mercer legacy continues with many events taking place at the gardens. Before social distancing and the cancellation of all gathering there a was a long list of fun and exciting things to do posted on bullet boards at the main building near the entrance. Once this is all over I hope to come back and check out some of the events and see what new flowers have bloomed.

Enjoy the views of the garden below:

I hope you enjoyed going through the garden with me ( and my sister and her boyfriend) If you are in Houston and need a brake from your living room go check out the Mercer Botanic Gardens. The parks are still open just use your own discretion when going out and stay safe/sanitized. I hope this will bring you peace and gratitude for natures beauty it's a good time to go out and enjoy it :)

Standby for more!

With Love, Amanda

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