Buttermilk Falls is an all-season trail that is quick and easy that offers cool sights of the river and a waterfall!

My family and I have been going to Lehigh Gorge State Park in Northeast Pa for as long as we have lived here. Unfortunately, one of MY FAVORITE trails, Glen Onoko, is closed because of too many injuries and the overall safety/difficulty of the trail. This is a bummer but I am glad I got to at least hike it once, I'll probably share a post on it in the future. Do not despair though there are plenty of other really cool trails to explore at Lehigh Gorge that offers waterfalls, river views, and vistas. Added bonus you can bike a lot of the trails.

My sister, her boyfriend Jonathan and I decided on the Buttermilk Falls trail. This is a 1.2 mile out and back trail that is a super easy walk. The trail is well maintained and graveled so it wasn't very muddy or icy when we went at the end of December.

We took our time took lots of pictures and played with the icicles ( we like to live on the edge I know). Went past Buttermilk Falls but didn't make it to Luke's Falls which is the other waterfall that is lumped in on this trail. We also saw a cute pupper on the trail, she didn't want to visit with us, I was heartbroken. She was a Brittany, a notorious hunting breed, so she was way too busy smelling all the trees and looking for something to "flush." You can catch a small glimpse of her on the video I made below.

After wandering around the woods and trail, we were getting chilly and headed back to the car. It was the perfect little walk we needed. We got some fresh air, I got to take some pictures and even took some footage and made a little video to check out below!

Standby for more hiking adventures!

with Love, Amanda

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