Exploring what downtown Houston has to offer on my long weekend trip in December.

After a super fun and holiday filled day, the previous night Will and I decided to go downtown and check out what Houston had to offer. One thing, if you have never been to Houston before you should know it is a sprawling city; you know everything is bigger in Texas (I’m sorry I had to). The one other time I visited Houston was for work we stayed in the Galleria area which, to prove my point of how spread out this city is, is a 2-hour walk from the "Downtown" area Will and I were at.

So all that being said we decided to explore Discovery Green Park, a cute park that was right in the heart of Downtown. They have an ice skating rink; which is set up between mid-November and runs through early February. If you're looking for a "winter activity" to do I'd recommend ice skating, no shame in being a wall hugger, hello that'd be me! Forgoing the bruises, we walked around a bit checked out the many public art sculptures.

It started getting dark and we were ready for some Saturday night drinks! Will knew about a brewery, so with no set plans, we made our way down the street. When we spotted The Rustic, a cool and what looked like a pretty popular place to be. It has live music and a big open backyard, which unfortunately was closed off for a private event. We came just in time for happy hour that featured their Rustic Rita for $3, YAY. If you're not into the tequila, which hey I've been there, there is a Texas-sized list of other craft cocktails, wine, and not to mention all the beers on tap.

We finished our Margaritas and headed off to 8th Wonder Brewery. I love going to breweries especially you get to taste the local craft hang in a usually relaxed and cool place with local artwork yeah it's very "hipster" but I don't care; local art, relaxed vibes and beer rule.

Now it might come to many as a surprise but I am not a huge sports fan...however I will watch unnamed team/s, hit, throw, kick, and catch a ball as long as there's beer. I say this because 8th wonder is an ode to the Astrodome. However, you walk outside to the quiet large backyard and you're greeted with some pretty awesome art.

Three beers for each of us; I'm sorry I don't remember what we drank Will most likely got IPAs and I barley finished my third sooo we were ready for some food. Will walked me over to the Truck Yard. This Place is such a vibe, a Ferris wheel, open bars, Food Trucks, awesome murals, people with their dogs, a live music stage, ping pong table, I'm mean they describe themselves as an adult playground SIGN ME UP.

There were about four food trucks there that night. I ended up getting a chicken and waffle sandwich with Szechuan sauce and waffle fries to share, while Will got a very messy but very delicious burger. After our feast, Will told me about another bar that he and some of his buddies had gone to before that had lawn games, large swingsets and was bound to be full of people. It was way past my old lady bedtime but the college girl in me wouldn't be we walked half an hour to Little Woodrow's.

As promised there were lawn games and swings and TONS of people. Oh also in case, you've forgotten this is Houston in December so naturally, the heaters were on in a PACKED bar on a 70-degree night. My northern blood just couldn't take it, I was sweaty and way past tipsy. We sat out on the swings for a little but in the end decided it was bedtime. I hope that I can go back and actually enjoy Little Woodrows a little bit more because despite the temperature the place looked like another chill place to hang.

After bar-hopping all night we went back to the hotel and crashed. I'd say Houston's downtown was a hit. There is soo much to do and we only scratched the surface I am excited to get back and check out some more local spots.

Standby for more nightlife!

with love, Amanda

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