Elegant & Classic Wedding In Lancaster, PA

Hello Adventurers!

I am back to talk about my first shadowing experience as a wedding videographer for Complete Wedding and Events in Lancaster!

* (I want to note that these are my opinions and thoughts and do not reflect any of the opinions or thoughts of Complete Wedding and Events)

It was the beginning of May when I started my new position as a wedding videographer, because I was new to shooting weddings they wanted me to shadow a couple so that I could get comfortable with their style and see how the day is scheduled out. I was able to shadow a very kind and wonderful videographer that started as an intern at Complete and worked her way up. She was super helpful and informative about what to shoot and what kind of shots she likes to get! For the most part, we followed the lead of the Photographer who was also super chill and helpful. She would set up her shots and then we would add a little movement to the shot to make it better for video. I cut together a short clip of my favorite shots from the day. I shot everything on my Canon Eos R with the 24-70mm Sigma Art Lens. These two as a combo had such a beautiful look and I was super happy with how the footage turned out. I didn't have to color correct too much. I also used the Canon portrait style look to give it a beautiful, dreamy, and golden look.

I am super excited to get more weddings under my belt. Thanks for watching!