2021 rebrand: photography offerings, places to hike in PA, and more!

Hello again! Another long break from writing and another "rebrand." In this post, I am going to explain my new website and share my goals for the new year. Let's dive in!

I know I know I redid my website again, but I want to preface this by saying it is still very much the same idea I had with my last rebrand just with a cleaner and easier to use design. I am going to keep up the photography blog aspect and share all my shots month to month. I am going to also try to go back on some of my older photos and give a look into that. As you know this year I wasn't able to travel around as much but I have some hiking spots that I love and recommend if you are in the Northeast area. I am going to look back on some of my past travel adventures and share more about the pictures and experiences I had.

The main change I have is I want to offer my photography services to people! I love photography so much and especially adventure, outdoor, natural light photos. I have been slowly getting into portrait photography, for people who are close to me. I have taken some senior photos, professional portraits, and one engagement session ( I am still not as confident but working towards growing!) So if you love my style or know someone who would love my style and want some pictures taken then feel free to email me at abrady5403@gmail.com! Just put in the subject line what kind of photography you are looking for and we can discuss further from there.

Now I missed November and December round-up but I will share some of my favorites here on this post and be back at the end of January for the round-up!!


We didn't get to do much hiking with work going on and having our bathroom fixed up in our new apartment. Plus this winter cold season is not my favorite when hiking. The leaves are all pretty much gone and the cold starts to set in. Unless the trails are freshly covered in snow it's not the prettiest sight with all the muddy mixed snow. But don't get me wrong a fresh snow path is a sight to see.

Now that we live closer to the water gap, I hope to get out and explore more of that area and find new hikes that I have yet to do. The first place is one I haven't been to before but was relatively easy and super close to our apartment. It's called Garvey Springs Trail. It's a 4.5 mile rated as moderate, which I would agree with. We didn't make it all the way up to Sunfish Pond because we had come late in the day and it was getting colder and darker. But the first part of the trail leads you right up to the Waterfall which is what I was hoping to see.

F-Stop: 5.6

SS: 1/13



SS: 1/25

ISO: 125

We walked farther up to where the Rockcores Trail intersects and had to turn back like I said for our eye's and finger's sake. I want to get back to the trail sometime in the spring hopefully and make it up to the pond. I will say it gets steep at some points but nothing that is unmanageable if taken at your own pace. You can see from the pictures the amount of leaf shed going on! However there were still some persistent ones still hanging on to what was left of the season.

F-Stop: 1.8

SS: 1/80

ISO: 250

Scout however has loved the leaves falling down! She loves anything soft and loves laying in the leaf piles. She also has a habit of running into the piles, full boar, trying to eat the crunchy brown enemy.

F-Stop: 6.3

SS: 1/200


A couple days later me and Scout went out on a solo hike to Hickory Run State Park. Which is a favorite for a lot of people. Especially with everything going on it is a super popular spot to go. So if you do plan on going and see that there are crowds consider one of the many overlooked trails by searching on Alltrails or if you can try going during the weekday. Hickory Run has a lot to offer and some unique trails. I have done Hickory Run Falls many times and of course the parking lot for that trail was packed , so instead I chose Shades of Death trail this is also another popular trail so be warned. I came at a good time before sunset and most people were finishing up their hike. It is on the shorter side of hikes at only 2.2 mile but has some great views of the dam, the stream running throughout the trail, and ,of course, a waterfall!

F-stop: 6.3

SS: 1/5 ISO: 100

F-Stop: 13

SS: 1/25

ISO: 500

For the shot above I really wanted to get that starburst out of the sun shining through the trees hence why the aperture is closed down so much.

F-Stop: 2.5

SS: 1/50

ISO: 250

F-Stop: 3.2

SS: 1/50

ISO: 400

This trail really was "shades" of death haha, it was covered with lots of trees and rhododhren which was fun to walk through the "tunnels." But as you can see I used a lot higher of an ISO than I normally like to. Although with my EOS R I don't find as much noise when going into the higher ISO when I go into the editing process. This is one of the features I love about my camera.

F-Stop: 2.8

SS: 1/50

ISO: 100

I caught the golden light as Scout and I were leaving and this is one of my favorite shots from 2020. I love the warm glow from the sun contrasted with the cooler shadows from the pines on the right side. The sun-flares and rays and those golden bokeh ugh my heart it just evokes a moment of complete peace. I can hear this photo, the water rushing at the side of the stream. The leaves rustling in the cool late autumn air. Distant chatter from hikers as they make their way back to their cars. The perfect ending hike to 2020.

F-Stop: 5

SS: 1/100 ISO: 125

Well, that's all for my adventures in 2020. I have some bonus December pics that I will share and then begins a New Year of hiking, adventuring, traveling (hopefully), and of course Scout.


With Love,


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