Virtual Visit to the Houston Aquarium for EARTH DAY!

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Happy Earth Day!! I am trying to have my posts come out on Tuesdays but I decided this week to postpone it one day to celebrate Earth Day. What a better way to celebrate than to give a virtual tour of an aquarium. Although I have some qualms with zoos, aquariums, and animal parks in general ( I'm looking at you sea world). I HATE when places pretend to have educational programs and conservation efforts when in reality they use the animals for profit and entertainment. If any of you have seen Tiger King on Netflix. I am sure you have at least heard of it it's been all over the internet. I had very strong opinions against everyone in that documentary. Like I said I am not a fan of places pretending to preach conservation and education. I don't mind most aquariums they are for the most part for education or research there are a select few I am sure. So if you are like me just do some research about the aquarium.

The main things I look for and that tie into Earth day, do the aquariums have an education program. Do they conduct research or have a conservation program. Do they have local wildlife conservation efforts in place? Do the tanks and habitats look like they are in clean and working order, etc. The Houston Aquarium does offer educational programs as well as a local conservation plan. They work with Texas parks & wildlife, Galveston Bay Foundation and many more you can check out on their website.

So with my ethics out of the way let's dive in! ( I know I had to)

A few weeks before the quarantine really hit my sister and her boyfriend Johnathan were able to come and visit. We decided to go to the aquarium because Johnathan loves them and I wanted to check it out. It's located right in Downtown Houston.

That being said it is not a huge all-day event (at least in my opinion). However it is a perfect date idea, or rainy afternoon get out of the house activity. It is the perfect place for all ages. Bonus if you are on a budget the tickets are only 15.00 for adults, this price is for the aquarium only i.e. no underwater train ride, no-touch tank access, no amusement park access. I apologize I can't give a more detailed list of the prices as the website doesn't show any tickets as it is closed.

So if you want to wander around a bit and see some cool marine exhibits and a tiger exhibit for some odd reason haha, and stay on a budget than just the aquarium ticket is worth it and if you wanted to make it a whole day even there is that option as well.

*Side note there is a restaurant upstairs in the aquarium would make a cute date idea, and a perfect picture opportunity. I can't say anything to the food as we did not eat there but the novelty of the idea is nice.

Now enough talking let's see some fishies!!

I hope y'all enjoyed the virtual visit, and have a Happy Earth Day! Get outside today, take a walk in nature, watch a nature documentary, pick up the trash around your neighborhood, do something that makes a difference for tomorrow even if it's something small. We need to stand together to fight for this planet.

Standby For More Adventures!

with love, Amanda

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