Visiting Historic Annapolis, MD in one Day.

Hello Adventurers!

Back on the blog to share a quick day trip my sister and I took a little while back to Annapolis, MD. I had to go down there to film a wedding (blog to come soon) and I went down a day earlier to check out the town and do a little sightseeing.

Annapolis is such a cute town. It is situated right by the Chesapeake Bay and has small quaint streets lined with historic houses and buildings. The main street area is perfect to just stroll and look at all the shops and restaurants. We got there a little afternoon and decided to just park at one of the public parking areas and walk around spontaneously.

We first stopped into the visitors center which is right by the parking garage to get a sense of the city layout. We found the main street and headed there to check out the stores.

The Rams Head Tavern is right across the street from the visitors center. They had outdoor seating and this side of town was a little less busy with foot traffic than the main street restaurants. I loved the metal roof and old-style windows of the building.

We walked over to Church street / College Ave. (roundabout) and found the Maryland Government House and Maryland State House.

As I said before Annapolis is a history buff's dream. They have a lot of great museums and even the Naval ACademy to go and visit. We didn't end up going to any opting to just peruse the exteriors of the buildings and walk around the shops. It was such a since summer day and only having one day down there we wanted to see as much as we could. But I just love the stately columns of the buildings and old lanterns lighting the entrances.

Finally, we made our way to the main street and walked down, and went into to almost all of the little shops to check each one out. They have a multitude of stores from luxury goods to the typical souvenir knick-knack store. As well as a bunch of restaurants offering fine dining seafood to colossal milkshakes as seen below.

We stopped by a local art gallery that was holding a show centered around the theme of found objects. All the pieces had to be made out of things that the artist found rather than the typical mediums such as paint or clay.

We then took a detour down Fleet Street, which has all these adorable colorful houses! Every house is painted differently and each one is designated as a historic building.

Finally, we were getting hungry so we went into a little corner shop that had hot dogs, fries, and some other smaller snacks. Maryland is famous for "Old Bay" everything so of course, we had to old bay cheese fries.

To end our little day trip we went and sat out at the dock and watched all the boats go by. After that, we went to some local thrift stores and had some BOMB tacos, ( I sadly didn't get any pictures) went to our hotel got everything set up for the wedding shoot tomorrow, and passed out.


A video of my sister and I nomming on some cheese fries while bikers were being congratulated for biking across America.

Well, that's all for now I will be back with another wedding post soon!